Plants Kit 2

Plants Kit 2

Win64, English

Laubwerk GmbH
The Laubwerk Plants Kit 2 contains ten temperate deciduous tree species in 36 variations each and the Laubwerk Player plugin for loading, efficient viewport feedback and manipulation.

General Usage Instructions

After installation you can directly access the plant content through the built-in plants browser. Loading a plant into the scene through the browser will create a procedural geometry object which gives you advanced options about different viewport modes, Level of Detail options, several variations and ages as well as different seasons.



Just start the installer that comes with the App Exchange download. The 3ds Max 2014-2016 plugin is installed in the appropriate folder, plugins for all other editions of 3ds Max will be installed in their program folder. The content files will by default be in installed to the Program Files/Laubwerk directory. This path is customizable. The uninstaller is accessible from the Start menu. Since some parts of the Plants Kit are installed into the programs folder, the installer will need admin privileges.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Laubwerk GmbH
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Author/Company Information

Laubwerk GmbH

Support Information

For questions, suggestions or help, please contact us directly at

Version History

Version Number Version Description



- Added support for 3ds Max 2016

- Fixed a crash when trying to open the browser from the plant object panel

- Added support for Maxwell Renderer

- Added variant, qualifier and leaf density parameters to import dialog

- Fixed a problem with translucency in Corona materials


- Ensured compatibility with Corona Renderer 1.0

- Added support for Thea Render for 3ds Max

- Added full German language support for 3ds Max 2015

- Fixed a bug that could cause 3ds Max to hang, when the Browser was opened from the Plant Object


- Improved help documents

- Several Improvements to make the Plant Library Browser faster and more reliable

- General Improvements to material creation

- Rendering with V-Ray and many instances of Plant objects should is much more efficient now


- Added support for Corona Renderer

- Added support for more Undo operations.

- Improved Laubwerk Browser, which is now multithreaded, and caches thumbnails


- Minor changes to the help files

- Several non 3ds max specific changes


- Several non 3ds Max specific changes


- Improved materials with translucency, glossy reflections, and different material quality profiles

- Added 3ds Max 2015 support

- General performance improvements, especially when initially loading plant models


- Plant loading time is now much faster when using V-Ray Distributed Rendering, which should fix all distributed rendering problems that appeared with older versions.


- There is a bug in 3ds Max 2014 that caused a crash when Enhanced Menus are enabled and we try to register our own main menu items. For 3ds Max 2014 we now use a different way of registering the menus and everything is working fine again.

- The browser got some improvements. It now shows tooltips with a description text and models sizes. It also is resizable now and has search.

- There was a problem where leaf density didn't remove leaves from the plant in a uniform way and sometimes produced clumps. This is fixed.

- We added full support for iToo Forest Pack.

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