BonesPro - Trial Version

BonesPro - Trial Version

Win64, English

The ultimate tool for organic skinning in Autodesk® 3ds Max®

General Usage Instructions

Skinning is the process of assigning the vertices of a mesh to an animated skeleton structure. The mesh should deform and follow the movements of the skeleton accurately, creating realistic looking movements of organic shapes.


The skinning process is an important part of character creation and requires artists to interrupt the more creative parts of their work and spend often significant amounts of time on rather technical and repetitive deformation set-ups. Especially for less technically inclined artists the skinning task can quickly turn into a long and tedious journey through of bone influence area tuning and deformation readjustments.


BonesPro delivers fast results through a quick assignment set-up and convenient adjustment options.

Meshes deform like elastic skin, avoid face clipping and don’t tear vertices too far apart from each other.

Hypodermic solid deformers can handle the most problematic areas in an animated mesh.

API access allows integration into existing pipelines and Teams can collaborate on scenes without having to supply everyone with licenses.

And Beyond
BonesPro can not only be used for traditional skinning but also for many other animation effects.



This is the trial version for 3ds Max 2015 and newer. (for older Max versions please contact us)

To install simply download and use the installer, it will put all required files into their corresponding default directories.

This is a trial version with no feature limits, work results can be viewed but not saved for further processing.

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Update with support for 3ds Max 2020


Initial Release to Store.


Initial Release to Store.


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