uv-packer - Trial Version

uv-packer - Trial Version

Win64, English

Simplifying UV packing in Autodesk® 3ds Max®

General Usage Instructions

uv-packer does what you can’t: it calculates the perfect quadrature of your maps, scales them and put the pieces together in mathematically exact way no human would ever be able to process.

In a vibrant and stressful job of a modern 3D artist there is nothing worse than losing time on repetitive and boring manual work. Just imagine how much more actual art and designs you could create without dragging, rotating and adjusting parameters which should be done by the machine. The designers and developers at 3d-io offer you a small yet fast and exact utility to save hours and days of your work on UV maps.



This is the trial version of uv-packer for 3ds Max 2010 and newer.

To install simply download and use the installer, it will put all required files into their corresponding default directories.

This is a trial version with no feature limits, work results can be viewed but not saved for further processing.

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Company Name: 3d-io
Support Contact: info@3d-plugin.com

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Support Information

For more detailed information please visit our documentation or contact us: info@3d-plugin.com

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Update with support for 3ds Max 2020


Initial release to store


Initial release to store
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