Scene Notes Pro

Scene Notes Pro

Win64, English

A professional way to add and manage notes in scenes.

General Usage Instructions

Adding notes with Scene Notes Pro is very easy. Just type your note, choose a category, press the [ADD NOTE] button and the note will be added to the scene and will be shown in the UI.

When you pick a category the [ADD NOTE] button changes its color to helps you see to which category the note will be added. You can enter the text of your note and then change the category as many times as you want before pressing the [ADD NOTE] button.

Each note can be edited at any time. To edit a note double click it in the notes' list and the note's text will then be ready for editing. Now, edit the notes and when you are ready to press the [EDIT NOTE] button.

While you edit a note, you can change its category. Just pick the new category, the [EDIT NOTE] button will change its colors, and when you press the [EDIT NOTE] button the note in the notes' list will be displayed with new color and icon.

You can reverse the changes that you have made to a note by pressing the [EDIT NOTE] button with the right mouse button. This way all changes will be removed and the note will stay as it was before entering in the [EDIT NOTE] mode.

If you want to select all notes of arbitrary category click the category's button with the right mouse button.

If you want to show only notes of arbitrary category click the category's button with the middle mouse button.

The UI, the notes' list and a text field where you type your notes can be resized.



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