VSOCLOUD™ Render Farm Client for Still Image

VSOCLOUD™ Render Farm Client for Still Image

Win64, English

VSOCLOUD™ render farm is a powerful, simple economic and convenient cloud rendering platform that meets the needs of the still image, animation, special effects, and other rendering requirements.

General Usage Instructions

1 - Registration

To use VSOCLOUD™ render farm service you need to register (www.vsocloud.com) first. You can use your mobile phone or email to register your account. Each new registrant receives a free trial of $20.00 rendering credits.


2 - Login

Log in and choose the VSO7 server for your rendering Job. (VSO7 is for single frame rendering)


3 - plug-in Installation 

VSOCLOUD™ render farm’s built-in tutorials will walk you through all the main features. Please check the Software and Network settings to match your working environment and install the plug-in.


4 - Managing your Render Jobs

Under the “my Jobs” tab, you can monitor your render jobs. You can start, pause and cancel your jobs at all times using this tool. You can also manually download the finished jobs within this tab.


5 - Automatic Download

You can enable the auto download option in the Render Setting tab. The orange “A” in your job list means the completed frames have been download automatically.





You can use our custom installation package for software installation, and then use the software for plugins installation. Software uninstallation can be performed directly through the Windows software management system for general uninstallation. You can always use the "Completely Uninstall" feature to remove all the related files when you uninstall the application.


Please visit our tutorial page at:


This page contains some quick starter Infos and a list of FAQs about how to use our render farm.


You can also visit our Youtube channel at: 


We have recorded instructional videos for all the rendering procedures separately and uploaded them to the channel. 

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: VSOCLOUD
Company URL: http://vsocloud.com
Support Contact: rhhu@landhightech.com

Author/Company Information


Support Information

Company Name: Suzhou VSOChina Network Technology Co., Ltd

Company URL: vsocloud.com

Support Contact: ibg@landhightech.com

Version History

Version Number Version Description

Version. 4.1.78

1) Add custom rendering ID and AO channel 2) Add custom modified panorama camera mode 3) Add custom overlay output gamma value 4) Block rendering upgrade, adding 320 thread rendering mode, comprehensively improve the price 5) Add 2048 thread rendering mode 6) Integrated VSOCloud drive Manager, you can download recently submitted files at any time 7) Optimized drag and drop submission 8) Combine real-time preview and block stitching preview function P.S. We also added the "Completely Uninstall" feature which allows the user to remove all the related files when they uninstall the application.
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