Cityscape Pro

Cityscape Pro

Win64, English

One Autodesk® 3ds Max® plugin to bring your architectural site plan to life.

General Usage Instructions

Access Cityscape Pro

After the installation:

Cityscape Pro will appear in Create panel > Helpers > Simpolium > Cityscape Pro.

Supergrass will appear in Create panel > Geometry > Vray > Supergrass

Cityscape splines will appear in Create panel > Shapes > Cityscape





Setting up Cityscape Pro for 3ds Max comprises two steps: installing and licensing through your OS.

The Cityscape Pro installer for 3ds Max is simple and easy to follow: Before installing Cityscape Pro, please make sure your computer meets the System Requirements.


Licensing Cityscape Pro

During the installation, you will have to enter your name, the name of the company, and the serial number that was provided to you after purchase. There are two types of licenses for Cityscape Pro – Workstation and Render node. You must have an internet connection to activate a license. A workstation license can be activated only once. If you want to transfer a license to a different workstation, please contact support to deactivate the license and transfer it to another workstation. Render node licenses are unlimited and free, as long as you have at least one valid workstation license.

Trial versions are fully licensed for a period of 45 days and are designed solely for Evaluation purposes. Trials are not to be used for profit, production, or commercial use.

Known Issues



Company Name: SIMPOLIUM
Support Contact:

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Support Information

For support please contact us at or visit our forum at

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