Easy 3D Print Tracker

Easy 3D Print Tracker

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Benjamin Snoha
An app that allows you to connect to a remote 3D printer and logs every time it prints!

General Usage Instructions

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use "Easy 3D Print Tracker":

1.) The user logs onto the app, or signs up for an account if they don't already have one.

2.) The user logs into Autodesk® account, or views their logs.

3.) Once logged into Autodesk, the user can click the "Upload" button and upload either a binary STL or ASCII STL files (few obj files are also supported) to the app.

4.) Once uploading is complete, the user can choose to open the model in a viewer, or proceed to generate a 3D printable file. 

5.) If the user opens the model in the viewer, a new window will open with the model displayed. 

6.) If the user decides to generate a 3D printable model, a progress bar with the status will be displayed, and a message of "Success!" will display once the generation is complete.

7.) The user can now click continue to go to the next page. 

8.) From here, the user can enter a registration code from their Autodesk Forge supported 3D printer, or they can unregister an existing printer. 

9.) Once a printer is registered, the user can start the remote print by clicking the "Start" button. 

10.) Once the print is complete, the users will be provided with a link to their logs.

11.) The user can repeat this process as many times as they like, in order to log all of their prints. 


Link to video walkthrough:





Additional Information

It was a blast developing this project and using Autodesk API's!

Link to walkthrough video:


Known Issues

-Incorrect login doesn't throw a visible error. (It does not log-in, it just doesn't display an error).

-If there is an issue with queuing the file for the printer, the page needs a refresh.  

Most of the time, files upload and 3d printable files are generated correctly. On some rare occasions, a file will fail. In order to account for this, messages are given to the end user about the stage in the pipeline in which this occurred (analyse, repair, generation, etc) and a direct link to my email is provided for trouble shooting


Company Name: Benjamin Snoha

Author/Company Information

Benjamin Snoha

Support Information

Contact me anytime at: BenjaminSnohaAutodesk@gmail.com

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