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Parametric Design for Autodesk® 3ds Max®

General Usage Instructions

Para 3d offers full functionality in our trial version as our commercial license. The demo, however, prohibits the re-opening of Paraflows (Para 3d nodes and relationships) and is valid for 30 days from the date of installation.

Please visit us at here for tutorial and learning tools.





If Para3d V2.0 (or higher) is installed, run the uninstaller from the start menu. You may
have installed older versions of Para3d with multiple versions of 3ds Max. In this case, the
uninstaller will recognize the most recent installation. You would then need to manually
uninstall all other Para3d versions by removing the associated files from the startup folder.
Please refer to the list below :

  1. MAX folder\script\para3D(folder)
  2. MAX folder\script\startup\para_logo
  3. MAX folder\script\startup\
  4. Open 3ds MAX and remove all user interface items for the associated version

Para 3d toolbars will be automatically installed. In case of any problem during installation please
follow this tutorial :

Additional Information

Important Notes:

Installing Para3d requires your agreement with our user license which has been provided to you in the installation wizard, please read the agreement carefully before installation.

Para3d V4.0 does not support earlier ParaFlow files. Files created prior to V4 will open but may be unstable.

Thank you and happy designing!

The Parametric Zoo team

Known Issues


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Parametric Zoo

Support Information

Version History

Version Number Version Description

ver 5.0

In this version we ensured the compatibility of Para 3D with 3DS MAX 2021. Here is short list of new features and fixes: Bugs fixed Controller parameters were not visible in previous release. This issue is fixed now in Min Max parameters in Bitmap Controller Initial value in Transform controller Parameters of Intersection controller Parameters of L-System controller Controller channel in Offset controller Output parameters in Polyline controller Error in updating Para-Shape node in 3DS MAX 2020 Bug in trainagulation function of Edit Poly node has been fixed now. All traingles are created in the same size In vector controller Bug in Construction of plane with point and normal is fixed. In vector controller Bug in reporting co-planar vectors is fixed New features Mesh subdivision and smoothing is now added to the Edit poly node. Link controller can now be used with Edit poly node. This provides access to the information of editable poly object which is being modified by Edit Poly Node. Enable construction of XY,YZ and ZX plane at given point. The value types of Object and Ray could now be converted into String type using Text controller.

ver 4.95

Para 3d Version 4.95 release date: 10-November-2018 Compatibility upgrade to 3DS MAX 2019 See previous changes in Para 3d 4.9

ver 4.93

Para 3d Version 4.93 release date: 7-June-2017 New feature "Non selected" option has been added to Para Edit poly sub-object selection methods. Using Test controller you can check if a list contains a float number or not. User can control the precision in Curve controller. Enable modifier options has been added to reference arrays (Parametric Array). Integer only option has been added to random controller to generate random integer numbers. Improvements Bug fixed reloading the magnet controller settings Bug fixed in saving the point positions in Graph controller. In Mesh controller the outgoing edges of a vertex are computed as outward vectors (unified direction) In Mesh controller the length/width and height of the local bounding box is corrected. In Mesh controller The bisector of vertices of a face are now returned in order. Bug fixed in reverse array functionality in Array variable controller. Various bugs fixed in Para EditPoly bug fixed in displaying values (spinners) in controller settings (3ds Max 2017 & 2108) Bug in Graph controller and Magnet controller display is fixed Bug in adding attributes to Parametric Array is fixed Bug in transferring controllers from old array to new array is fixed Vertex normal method in Mesh controller returns the true normal if edit poly method selected. See previous changes in Para 3d 4.9

ver 4.9

Para 3d Version 4.9 release date: 11-Feb-2017 You must uninstall older version of Para3d before installing this package. New feature Brand new graph controller. User preferences allows/disallows update notification. Improvements Bug fixed in custom controller Boolean type See previous changes in Para 3d 4.8

ver 4.8

Para 3d Version 4.8 release date: 6/10/2016 You must uninstall older version of Para3d before installing this package.

New features

  • Parametric Edit Poly . A new container node that enables editable poly operations on polygon objects.
  • Surface triangulation (Delaunay triangulation) has been added in Parametric Mesh.Paint
  • Paint add-on can paint objects using true and false values
  • An option has been added in Paint add-on to automatically calculate the min and max value of input.
  • Vector controller returns Boolean values checking if the input vectors are parallel or perpendicular or in the same plane.
  • Intersection controller returns the list of faces (face index) where a line interest with a geometry(mesh)


  • A better graphical representation for "Groups" .
  • Labels can be added in groups.
  • Bug fixed in explode shapes to splines.
  • Bug fixed in changing the number of operands in pattern-controller .
  • Bug fixed in Parametric Array link controller . Enables to link to X,Y/Z position and rotation
See previous changes in Para 3d 4.75

ver 4.75

New features

  • Groups.Using groups you can organize Para 3d nodes. See this video
  • Pattern controller can now weave object data.
  • More than 40 Para-flow examples included.


  • "Unknown system exception" in parametric shape fixed.
  • Bug fixed in passing the length and width of the packing area in packing controller
  • Bug fixed in parametric array link controller while changing the output type.
  • Bug fixed in user-controller passing object input as structure member.
  • Various bugs fixed in updating complex para-flows


Para 3d Version 4.73 release date: 11/27/2015
This is an upgrade for Para 3d V 4.7. You must install Para 3d 4.7 before installing this upgrade.

Improved features

  • L-System controller has been updated to match the conventional definition of l-systems on Mathworld wolfram website
  • Hexagonal planar mesh has been improved.

Bugs fixed

  • Bug fixed in combining texts using Mix-Controller.
  • Bug fixed in link controller while using sub-controller


Major Updates

  • Loads non-animatble properties in addition to animatable properties in Parametric Arrays.
  • Indicate which properties cannot be animated (shows with italic font)
  • Can load Reference arrays and snapshots from Para flows.
  • Automatically reloads the properties after adding modifiers on first node of reference arrays.


  • Bug in license activation fixed.
  • Paint node works now with Para Explode and Disassemble node.
  • Reference Array stays connected to Para Shape after user clicks on reset button .
  • Bug in loading Para compound node from Paraflow files is fixed.
  • Bug in generate members from other array is fixed.
  • Error in making snapshots of spline shape type is fixed.
  • Making snapshots are faster.


Major Updates:

  • Show preview of .Para files in windows browser (thumbnails).


  • Load Paraflows which includes Parametric Meshes and Parametric Shapes
  • Various bugs in Mesh controller has been fixed.
  • Reloading modifiers does not affect the sub-object controller functionality
  • Does not allow dependency loop in Paraflows.
  • Auto zoom functionality has been improved.
  • Error in navigation button has been fixed.

New Controller features:

  • Surface controller accepts surface by other controllers ( new surface channel)

Other new features:

  • Use Explode node to explode polygon meshes to surfaces ( 2d domain)
  • Use Parametric Mesh to create flat triangulated or fat hexagonal meshes


Para 3d Version 4.3 release date: 25th of June 2014

Bug Fixes in 4.2

  • Copy/Paste in “Array Compound” functionality improved
  • “Linear” controller now moves objects in the correct direction
  • Controller assignment optimized

New Features in 4.2:

  • “Node” controller has been added to library - extracts basic information from 3ds Max objects
  • Add-on “Scene Manager” allows users to change layers and visibility
  • Member selection now allows multiple nodes to be selected simultaneously
  • “Compound object” enables users to create waffle structures
  • “Cancel” option in right click menu
  • “Snipped Code” added - see 3ds max script code generated by Para 3d controllers
  • “Collection” controller interval option has improved
  • “Custom Parameter” provides loop parameter which can be used in conjunction with “Collection” controller
  • Generate xy.yz.zx planes directly from “Vector” controller
  • “Wire frame” node extracts top and bottom edges of mesh objects
  • “Parametric Mesh” node allows users to add and update customized patterns dynamically

See previous changes in Para 3d 4.1

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