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Dali Renderer

Win64, English

Dali Renderer is a fast, HERO Wavelength-optimized spectral Unidirectional Path Tracer with support for surface and volumetric caustics.

General Usage Instructions

Dali Renderer can be used as any other renderer plugin for Autodesk® 3ds Max®: prepare your scene with built-in Physical Material from 3ds Max, select Dali Renderer in production and press the “Render” button.

Dali Renderer supports standard Physical Material, standard physical emitters, and most important standard texture maps, and Physical Sun and Sky environments. Dali Renderer can be configured using GUI for Renderer configuration in 3ds Max.

Dali renderer ships with many own high-quality materials and texture maps that are useful in RGB mode and absolutely required in Spectral mode. 

Dali Renderer does not require any training to get started. 

It can be used with standard scenes from 3ds Max if using standard Physical Material, Physical Camera, Physical Emitters or Physical Sun and Sky environment.

Just create your scene using geometry from 3ds Max, as you have done before for other renderers.

Use standard Physical Material for scene objects, add Physical Camera, Physical Lights.

Select Dali Renderer as Production Renderer and click the Render button.

Using the advanced features of Dali Renderer assumes the use of proprietary materials and texture maps supplied with Dali Renderer. 

Setting them up, as well as setting up the render itself, along with examples of use, are available on the official website




To install Dali Renderer, just execute the installation package executable and follow through with the installation process. You do not need to set up paths or make any additional steps. You can use Dali Renderer right after the installation.

Dali Renderer can be uninstalled from the Windows “Add and Remove programs” list.

Additional Information

System requirements:

3ds Max 64 version 2018-2024

64-bit Microsoft Windows (7, 8.1, 10, 11)

CPU with AVX support.

Known Issues


Company Name: Convergence
Support Contact: feedback@dalirenderer.com

Author/Company Information


Support Information

The email support for Dali Renderer can be obtained using feedback@dalirenderer.com

For general help documentation see https:\\www.dalirenderer.com\help

Forum: https:\\www.dalirenderer.com\forum

Additionally, Russian-only help can be found at



Version History

Version Number Version Description


Added 2023 & 2024 support


Initial Release
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