ANIMA | All-in-one Population tool

ANIMA | All-in-one Population tool

Win64, English

AXYZ design S.R.L.
Add life to your Archviz and visualization projects! ANIMA brings up a toolset to easily populate your still renderings and animation videos using our 3D Scanned Ready-Posed and Rigged characters.

General Usage Instructions

Please go through the following link for the Usage instructions:

Introducing “Installation and introduction to the user interface”, a new chapter of our new ANIMA 2 Tutorial Series.

Whether you’ve just bought Anima or you’re trying out the free trial, this short tutorial will help get you up and running in next to no time.

We’ll show you how to install and license the software and plugins, and introduce you to the Anima interface.

Finally we’ll quickly illustrate how easy it is to import animations into Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Cinema 4D.





NOTE: Close 3ds Max and/or Cinema 4d before installing Anima so that the necessary plugins can be installed automatically.


Download the most recent Anima Installer from the AXYZ website.

Launch the Anima Installer by double-clicking the downloaded .exe file.

If Windows presents you with a User Account Control message asking if you’d like to continue, click Yes.

Read the Welcome screen and click Next.


Please review the License Agreement and if you agree with its terms click I Agree.


Choose the components to install, making sure Render Node is selected. If compatible versions of 3ds Max or Cinema 4D are detected these will be automatically selected.  Click Next.

Choose the directory where you’d like Anima to be installed. Click Browse to select a new location or click Install to start the installation.

An installation window will run showing the software components that are being installed and a progress bar.

You’ll receive notification when the installation has completed, click Finish to close the installer. If you’d like to run Anima 2 immediately then make sure Launch Anima 2 is selected.

Additional Information


If you have downloaded your actors to your downloads folder, next time that you open Anima, a pop up window will appear asking if you would like to install the new assets. (refer detect1.png in screenshots)


After clicking “Yes” another window will confirm that the product has been successfully imported. (Refer detect2.png in screenshots)


The new actor (.y) will be automatically installed in the Purchases Folder. (Refer detect3.png in screenshots)


The thumbnail of the actor will be displayed in the actors’ library under the purchased tab in Editing mode and in the Rigged or ready-posed tabs in Drawing mode, depending on the model. (Refer detect4.png in screenshots)


If you have downloaded your actors into a different folder, you can either drag them to the viewport or copy the files directly into the purchases folder.


NETWORK RENDERING:  For network rendering, the Purchases folder MUST be located on a network drive.  You can change the location of the Purchases folder inside Anima simply by clicking the Anima icon in the top left corner, selecting Preferences and then changing the Purchases Path to a folder located on a network drive.

Known Issues


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