XrayUnwrap 1.5.5

XrayUnwrap 1.5.5




XrayUnwrap is the real single click solution to speed up your work pipeline in the creation of UV mapping. All you need is offered in a single window fully integrated inside the uvw unwrap modifier of 3ds Max. Only XrayUnwrap offers the Live Unwrap functionality with 3ds Max, just select your edges and see the results real-time. Unwrapping has never been so simple and fast!


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Version 1.5.5, 4/12/2016

Live Unwrap


This is the real goody of this new XRayUnwrap 1.5.5. This useful tool allows to check results of the unwrap real-time, while tracing the seams. This algorithm computes the cut over the mesh allowing to check if the unwrap opens in the right way.


Find prior compatible 3ds Max release on our WEB site down to 3ds Max 2012.

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  • Wonderful!
    Massimiliano Di Monda | May 13, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    the better unwrapping solution! forgor of Unwrella!

    Aslan Tamjidi | March 20, 2014

    really brilliant script... 5*

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