InstantRig Trial

InstantRig Trial



InstantRig is a modular auto rigging system for Autodesk® 3ds Max® Users. It helps riggers to create flexible, animator friendly and production quality rigs in minutes. 


InstantRig allows everyone to create all kinds of creature rigs! The simple interface makes the rigging process easier than ever before. Everyone can create rigs like a pro. 



V1.52 InstantSkin Added. Skin meshes with one click!

Modular. Rig what you need. Choose the number of fingers, toes, add tails, hairs, ears, breasts.

Save your prototypes and don't waste your time creating rigs from scratch every time.

Export to game engines. Bake your animations down to deform bones, without controllers, constraints etc. Easily export your characters to game engines.

Fully scalable. You can resize your character any time. 

Fully flexible, stretchy and curvy spine, legs, arms. 

Soft IK. Protects knee and elbow from popping.

Auto spring for tails, hairs, ears, capes.

Match and slide between IK/FK.

Knees and elbows snapping.

Easy controller customizing.

Trial Description

In the trial version the Rigs cannot be saved.

About This Version

Version 1.5.2, 11/29/2023
Minor bugs fixed.

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