Fast Housing is a custom procedural mesh object that generates a house structure. You can change parameters and watch the results in real time.

It's an easy and intuitive way to create houses at a simple level. Its versatility allows you to create your own architectural style, useful for the creation of urban backgrounds.

This script creates a FAHouse object which works as any Autodesk® 3ds Max® Object: renderable, any deformer can be applied, can be converted to mesh etc...


Customizable features:

- Base shape: facades B and D are controlled by angles.

- Roof: break point, extensions, asymmetric options and more

- Terrace

- Beams

- Arch

- Surround

- Frame

- Balcony

- Shutters

- Roof windows

- Chimneys


Other features and utilities

- Optimize geometry option to reduce the number of polygons and vertices.

- Autobackup: saves automatically all parameters in a loadable external file.

- Corner windows.

- Windows can be added horizontally or vertically.

- Every part of the house has its own material ID making texturing easier, some parts have a customizable material ID.

- Some parts include their own UV mapping and UV tiling

- Save/Load parameters in an external file.

- Multiply all distances at once, easy way to adapt them to your scene units.

- Copy/Paste windows parameters.

- Save/Load your own roof templates.



- Includes Oblong & Oblong Void primitives.

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About This Version

Version 2.0.1, 4/30/2019
2.0.1 Fix: - When trying to add a window where there is no space to do it, the window is not added in the 3d but it was added to the windows lists and may cause an error if it was selected. ------------------------- 2.0.0 New features: - Base shape options. - More roof design options. - Stackeable windows. - Roof windows. - Chimneys - Optimize option. - Autobackup option. - New window selection mode. - Save/Load roof template options. - On/Off option for each facade. - Windows number references - Undo function works for most of the parameters. and more... Changes: - UI reorganization. - New object class ID, the script now creates a 'FAHouse' object type. - Window Copy/Paste doesn't consider the vertical value anymore. - Beams have individual length for each slope. Fixes: - Several fixes in general

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