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The Normal Tools app gives you several ways to set the Normals on objects in your scene. Methods include using a Helper object for aligning Normals, using a helper as a target for Normal vectors, and tools for typing in specific Normal values. There are also many new helpful Normal selection tools to help speed up your work flow. Many functions are added to a new rollout in the newly assigned Edit Normals modifiers.

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Version 1.5.0, 4/4/2017
* Added new Out from Normal Selection Center function in the Normal Tools custom attribute. This function will set the out from point to the center of the currently selected normals. This function was added to the Edit Normals custom attribute but not the global Normal Tools floater. * Added new Out from Selection Center for the Face Normals functions in the Normal Tools floater. This will flip normals of selected faces that are pointing towards the selected faces' center. This function converts objects to Editable Poly and is not part of the standard Edit Normal tools in the Normal Tools. * Updated the Stitch Colocated Normals to work faster. * Added Unify checkbox for stitch functions. When on, it will replicate the Unify function in the main Edit Normals modifier except it will filter results based on the Apply To option as well as the Skip Explicit Option. The unify option is on by default.

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