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CorVex  is a scripted   geometry plugin  for   Autodesk® 3ds Max®  2010+ aimed at quickly building game level layout for any game engine or even general design. It offers convenient seamless, tiling mapping controls and geometry that is controlled by spline bases. You can create blocks or walls, and the walls have much more convenient UV control than standard AEC Walls.

See the documentation, feature list and videos here:

Please note that the version available in Autodesk Exchange may be behind the version found on the Wall Worm website because of the review process on the Autodesk website.


Verzió 1.9.5, 2019. 08. 27.
* Adds new parameters for Number of Floors and Floor Offset to create multi-story buildings. * Adds new parameter Hard Edges. When on, forces all faces to use no smoothing groups. When off, will smooth based on auto smooth value. This distinction allows the user to set Autosmooth 0 to get a default smoothing that gives usable selection modes from smoothing groups while keeping a mainly hard-edge object. * Adds new Face Smoothing Selection functions in Selection rollout that allows selecting faces based on Smoothing groups.

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