Para 3d


What is Para 3d?


Para 3d is a collection of Level 2 scripted plug-ins for Autodesk® 3ds Max and Autodesk® 3ds Max Design allowing users to interact and manipulate Max Script functions for the creation of rule based design and animation.


 How Para 3d works?


Para 3d objects are similar to 3ds Max Helper objects. They store information about Max objects and also have the ability to interact in a variety of ways. Unlike other Helper objects in 3ds Max that can be created from the Create Panel, Para 3d Nodes can only be created and modified through Para 3d.


The Para UI collects all Para Nodes from the scene and displays them as discrete nodes in the Para settings dialog . Para 3d provides two categories of Para Nodes: Para Helper Objects and Para Controllers. In most cases Para Helpers are responsible for the interaction with 3ds Max objects and Para Controls can only be used in connection with Para Helpers. Essentially, Para Helpers receive instruction from Para Controls and perform operations on Max objects.

Note:  This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Próbaverzió leírása

Limited to 30 days.


Verzió ver 5.0, 2020. 07. 23.
In this version we ensured the compatibility of Para 3D with 3DS MAX 2021. Here is short list of new features and fixes: Bugs fixed Controller parameters were not visible in previous release. This issue is fixed now in Min Max parameters in Bitmap Controller Initial value in Transform controller Parameters of Intersection controller Parameters of L-System controller Controller channel in Offset controller Output parameters in Polyline controller Error in updating Para-Shape node in 3DS MAX 2020 Bug in trainagulation function of Edit Poly node has been fixed now. All traingles are created in the same size In vector controller Bug in Construction of plane with point and normal is fixed. In vector controller Bug in reporting co-planar vectors is fixed New features Mesh subdivision and smoothing is now added to the Edit poly node. Link controller can now be used with Edit poly node. This provides access to the information of editable poly object which is being modified by Edit Poly Node. Enable construction of XY,YZ and ZX plane at given point. The value types of Object and Ray could now be converted into String type using Text controller.

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