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PropLine is a parametric spacing tool that allows you to distribute props along splines in your scene. In some ways it is similar to the Spacing Tool built into Autodesk® 3ds Max®, but it offers far more control and is non-destructive. Installing PropLine adds a new geometry primitive to 3ds Max named PropLine.

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버전 1.5.4, 2018-03-26
* Added New display mode for Use Node's Box Mode. Will respect the individual prop box mode or layer box mode setting. * Added new global setting to use Subtitute Modifiers on source objects that are over a threshhold vertex count. * Added new button in utilities rollout to add Substitute Modifiers on source nodes not using substitute modifiers. * Added Instantiate All MacroScript. * Added Source Model integration so that you can manually use Lowest/Highest LODs of models in scene to improve performance. Source Model geometry class are available when you install Wall Worm or Wall Worm Pro. * Added Scaling options to PropLine and PropLine Transformation Custom Attributes. * Updated the orientation of the last prop spawned on a closed spline to point towards the first prop in the closed spline. * Added new transformation parameter called Point At First. When on, forces the last prop in a spline to point at the first prop whether the spline is closed or not.

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  • Incredibly versatile. Must-have tool.
    Michael Wentworth-Bell | 5월 06, 2016

    Though many of this publisher's tools are designed for better integrating 3ds Max with Game/realtime engines, they are extremely handy in many other situations, PropLIne is a perfect example of this. I use Propline since the very initial release, for all types of modelling and scene assembly tasks. It's very easy to use with the perfect balance of options to give users control without being too complicated. Highly recommended.

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