uv-packer - Trial Version

uv-packer - Trial Version




What is uv-packer?

uv-packer is a highly automated and optimized packing tool for uv-maps in Autodesk® 3ds Max® - the ultimate texturing help for any 3D artist’s toolbox!

It is a “one-click” solution for packing all your UV maps by calculating their sizes and proportions and distributing them optimally on the UV pane.

You no longer need to spend hours moving, rotating and scaling your maps in order to utilize the whole mapping area – UV-Packer does it for you in a second.

This is a trial version with no feature limits, work results can be viewed but not saved for further processing.

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버전 2.13.00, 2019-08-09
Update with support for 3ds Max 2020

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