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This plugin helps you to prepare your 3D model to use in MR Builder on Microsoft HoloLens and get a full experience while working with your model. You can get inside your 3d model (see it in 1:1 scale), work with layouts (hide them, highlight or make transparent), and create viewpoints, so you can travel through your model without any gestures, only voice command "Next point".


Note: To be fully operational the app requires Microsoft Hololens glasses through which you can visualize your models.

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버전 1.0.0, 2018-01-15
- You can create dummies for Inside mode - Group objects into layers - Tag your 3D floor as Floor for the "Inside mode" - See statistics and info if they needed to be optimized - Export button to easily save your new model in *.fbx and *.max files by one click - About tab where you can read our app and about our company - English and Russian localization - You can save your file - Export directly to the Hololens

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  • Great plugin to work with AR
    Djivan Aristakesyan | 1월 15, 2018

    Ideal if you want to optimize your time preparing models for MR Builder on Hololens.

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