Glue for Autodesk® 3ds Max® is actually two tools in one. Firstly, the utility allows you to move a selection of separate objects to any surface by projecting the pivot point along either the X, Y, or Z-axis. You have the option to orientate the objects to follow the surface normal or retain their existing rotation. Secondly, you can use Glue to conform a Spline to a surface with options to add additional vertices using a fixed number or step, based on the spline's length, or retain the spline's existing knots.

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버전 2.7, 2020-05-21
- Compatible with 3ds Max 9 and above - Project selected items or conform splines onto any geometric surface. - Options for projecting on the X, Y, or Z-axis. - Projected items can rotate to follow the normal direction of the surface. - Options to normalize splines before projection using a fixed number of steps or add vertices based on a spline's length. - It can be used with the built-in path deform modifier within 3ds Max to conform geometry to a surface. - It can be used with Clone Modifier and Path Deform to create parametric arrays that conform to a surface.

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