ANIMA | All-in-one Population tool

ANIMA | All-in-one Population tool

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Add life to your Archviz or any other visualization project! Anima® brings up a toolset to easily populate your still renderings and animation videos using our 3D Scanned Metropoly Ready-Posed and Rigged 3D Human models. Anima® uses the same high quality 3D people found in our Metropoly collections, so there’s no need to compromise on quality. Our actors are driven by real mocap data and a sophisticated AI engine with automatic procedural motion to achieve super-realistic crowd animations.
With its easy-to-use motion editing tools, Anima enables you to create actors that walk, run, navigate slopes, ride escalators, tackle moving walkways and climb stairs realistically. Whatever your scene’s topology, you can add crowd animated characters that explore every corner.
Thanks to Anima's adaptive placement, area and walkway tools, crowd actors can walk, run and stand on nearly any surface. Just define an area and the actors are projected onto the background geometry. Press play and animations adapt automatically to the terrain for flawless integration.
Users are not limited to the bundled content. Using Anima’s crowd editing tools it’s easy to import and use 3rd party rigged characters and motion capture data.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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버전 3.0.3, 2018-06-19
Initial release

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