SPRING – 2D and 3D Spring Creator

SPRING – 2D and 3D Spring Creator

Win32 and 64, English

CAD Design Software
Creates a 2D or 3D spring object from user-input; Height, Pitch, Diameter and number of Coils

General Usage Instructions

Basic Usage:

Select either a 2D or 3D radio button for the desired spring creation. Use the Size Options to set a combination of controls for the spring’s coils, height and pitch. Each of these combinations offers a level of control that should be equal (within realistic geometric values) or a warning message will appear if unrealistic values are entered. Set a Wire Diameter and Outside (coil) diameter for the spring. When done, pick OK and a prompt appears.

PROMPT: pick location for the spring's center point: Pick a point on screen and the new spring object will be placed on the drawing’s current layer.

The prompt repeats to enable placement of multiple springs using the last settings used.

Press <Enter> when done, to exit the command.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Creates a 2D or 3D spring object from user-input; Height, Pitch, Diameter and number of Coils


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Company Name: CAD Design Software
Support Contact: appsupport@cad-design.com

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CAD Design Software

Support Information

Website: http://apps.cad-design.com

Contact:  1-877-CAD-USER

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Minor fix, no interface or functional changes to the app itself.


AutoCAD 2017 Compatible


Initial Release
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