StrucPLUS for Autodesk® AutoCAD® is a suite of powerful parametric modules that use dialog box driven commands and macros related solely to the preparation of Structural Engineering drawings. With StrucPLUS you'll be using the most popular steel, concrete and civil detailing software in the world. The basic product includes the following modules:


  1. SPTools

    Introduces standardization of the initial drawing setup, easy to edit color, linetype, layer and font configurations, a large suite of drafting utilities, symbols and tools.


  2. SPConcrete

    Generates reinforced concrete beam sections & elevations, reinforced concrete columns, footings and pile caps, suspended slab framing plans, precast concrete panels, prestressed tendon layouts & beam elevations, plan and slab section reinforcement, reinforced concrete & masonry retaining walls, slab on ground plan & details, schedules, concrete stairs, concrete and masonry walls, and miscellaneous concrete symbols. This module complies with U.S.A., Australian, British and New Zealand Concrete Codes.


  3. SPCivil

    Provides tools to aid in the drafting of pits on plan, drainage lines, pit schedules, batter lines and spot level indicators. A split scale longitudinal section tool complete this module and provides a supplement to the normal structural related tools included in this total application.


  4. SPSteelwork

    Includes all common steelwork members in section, elevation & plan for North American, Australian, South American, Japanese and British - sections, cleats and connections, steel framing plans and elevations, stairs, schedules and truss elevations. Australian, British, Japanese, North and South American rolled sections are supported.


  5. SPDetailer

    The structural steelwork shop detailing module including draft marking plans, holding down bolt layout plans, floor beams, rafters, columns, bracing beams, struts, stairs, handrails, cleats, bracing gussets and automatic material list extraction.


The free trial allows to fully utilize all the commands for 30 days.

Trial Description

The trial runs for 30 days without any restrictions.

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Version v22.0.0, 4/8/2021
Added 2022 support.

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