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If your company, like many others, prefers not to change Autodesk® AutoCAD® default configuration paths for plotters, templates etc., you may encounter the problem, where templates, plot styles etc. are not synchronized across computers. This app solves that issue. Every time AutoCAD starts up AutoCAD reads the configuration file placed in a network folder. This configuration file contains information regarding the network source folders and information about file distribution per user group. This tool will assist you in maintaining configuration.

Please note that a license is needed only when calling the administrator dialog. (Please also note the installation notes below).


Use the CAD Manager configuration module to control the file distribution.

  • Plotstyle table files (CTB and STB)
  • Printer configuration files (PS3)
  • Printer description files (PMP)
  • Templates (DWT)
  • Default template (to be used whenever the command QNEW is called)
  • Acaddoc.lsp (to be loaded every time AutoCAD opens a new document)
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Version 1.0.1, 5/4/2018
App is now digitally signed. Minor changes in user interface. The command G+CMShowLog has been removed

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