Water Supply

Water Supply

Tharwat Al Shoufi



With this program users should be able to draft the Polypropylene Random (PPR) pipes & related fittings of a Water Supply System, professionally and dynamically.


The program has all PPR pipe sizes ranging from 16mm to 160mm. As well as this, the program is supported with three layers that are used in the Water Supply System to save time by creating these layer names on the fly when a user selects the desired layer name from the program.


The program works with two scales 1.0 and 1000.0 units. The user needs to specify the right scale of drawing prior to starting the program to get the pipes & fittings on the same scale as the current working drawing.


You can use this trial program for 350 times.

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Version 1.1.0, 12/4/2017
This version is released to allow users to specify their desired LineType with the system layer they intend to use by pressing the right hand side button ( ... ) next to each system layer. A new dialog should appear now and only the required linetype name can be selected by the user. After accepting the inputs the button that relates to system layer should be activated for user's for the next step. NOTE: If the button ( ...) is deactivated when the related radio button is checked out then this means the related Layer Name is already created and existed in current opened drawing.

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