Etransmit Batch Reducer Pro

Etransmit Batch Reducer Pro



ETransmit Batch Reducer Pro

Now it's simpler than ever to access all your .dwg files inside an ETransmit package and reduce their size quickly and safely, just add your files to the list, hit Play, and see the magic happen.

  • Convenient interface to add .dwg and .zip files to the process list.
  • No need to extract and repack zip files.
  • A simple log is used to trace possible premature process occurrences.
  • a backup file of the original ETransmit remains intact.
About DWG files:

Oversized DWG files indicate unhealthy drawing which includes some degree of unreferenced data, once this data is removed, Autodesk® AutoCAD® processes the drawing much faster, and performance increases.

Unlike other analysis processes such as Purge and Audit which perform a deep database scan, DWG Weight Reducer rewrites the essential database structure and leaves out all the waste!


You get native and clean drawings:

  • Fast results – processes within 5 seconds. 
  • Safe and reliable results – data integrity is kept intact.
  • Significantly faster AutoCAD performance AutoCAD processes much faster with clean and light files. 
  • Smaller file sizes – reduces file size up to 98% 
  • Error-free drawing – you get healthy native drawing. 
  • No purge is needed – the database is free of unpurged entities. 
  • DGN-free drawing – DGN line types are left out in the rewriting process. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

If productivity is your game, 
Get ETransmit Batch Reducer Pro NOW!

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Version, 7/11/2024
Initial release

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  • Absolutely fantastic tool!
    Daljit Singh | July 16, 2024

    Absolutely fantastic tool! ETransmit Batch Reducer Pro streamlined my workflow by optimizing my .dwg files effortlessly. It's a lifesaver for managing large AutoCAD files and preventing crashes. Highly recommend!


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