The application automatically finds drawings in open Autodesk® AutoCAD® documents and recognizes their format as default (A1, A2, A3, A4, etc.) or user-defined. The app will recognize the formats limited by the frames of lines, polylines, tables, and in the block.

After recognizing the formats, a list of the found formats is displayed with their name and orientation. You can switch between the found formats to view them and sort them in the desired order.

If there are several formats in the document, the application will define them and display them in the list in the order of their location in the editor - in the order of increasing from top to bottom from left to right.

Next, the user chooses which group of formats or individual formats he wants to print, sets their settings and starts printing. The AutoCAD drawing is printed either to a printer or to a file such as a bitmap (jpeg, tiff) or pdf format.

After printing, the application can automatically close documents with printed formats without saving.

In the application, you can specify custom formats for their name and sizes only for Portrait orientation.

The default formats are in millimeters or inches, depending on your AutoCAD settings.

You can also specify the accuracy and scale of the format in the AutoCAD editor and where to search in Model or Paper space.

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Version, 2/18/2021
Initial release.

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  • Best app for ploting
    pasko budisa | August 20, 2019 Verified Download (What's this?)

    App is doing good job, plots are perfect, we speed up our work to max.

    Keep working apps like this!!

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