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NEWS: All of my apps are open source now, you can find more details here: https://lexman42.github.io/LexmanCAD-Website/


CADlog is a light import/export utility between Autodesk® AutoCAD® objects and CSV files. It can be used to archive DWG coordinates in CSV files, analyze and modify the geometry of your AutoCAD objects in programs like Excel or Calc, or even import geometry obtained or calculated elsewhere.


For example, properly formatted survey data can be imported as points, lines, polylines or 3D polylines as can thousands of coordinates describing objects calculated outside AutoCAD.


The present release supports five types of AutoCAD objects, they are: Points, Lines, LWPolylines, 2DPolylines and 3DPolylines. Refer to the General Usage section of the help document (link below) for the formatting convention used by CADlog.


UPDATE: Version 2.0 and above also allows for the recording of key entity properties including:


1) A destination layer


2) A color and


3) A LineType.


The most widely used objects are currently covered, however, if you require support for additional AutoCAD objects (circles? spheres? meshes?) or would like to have CADlog tailored to your needs (archiving? surveying? analysis) get in touch at Lexman@LexmanCAD.com.


The screenshots show an export and import example of a drawing containing several types of 2D and 3D objects. They also show pictures of how a little manipulation of raw data can be used to import the data as either points or a single colored 3D polyline on a specific layer. These processes are easily automated in Excel and Calc in the case of large files. 


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Verze 2.0, 05.10.2017
added 2018 support.

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