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Quick and smart similar SLICE command. Delamination (peeling) flat and curved faces of solid.

General Usage Instructions

Command ASL is especially useful when you are designing a complex product «sculptural» method (also known as "Peter G method "). By using this method, we are not trying to create a full flat drawing and we are not using extrusion flat contours from the design. Instead:

  • We get started with solid box. Draw a box with the maximum dimensions of the future product. We can also use cylinders and other solids, their intersection and union to create one large solid body describing the form of the future product.
  • Next we work like a sculptor, chiseling from the lumps stone until the solid form of the statue is left. So we begin to cut a solid into separate parts. For example, to make an ambry, we first call the command ASL, click on the upper surface of the work piece, we input the thickness of chipboard to 16mm. Just 2 clicks we get a separate table top part.
  • Press Shift + middle mouse button to rotate the model to lateral surface. Click the spacebar to repeat the command ASL, click on the lateral surface, and again click the spacebar instead of specifying the thickness (Last command remember the entered thickness).
  • Finish! One click we got a lateral wall.
  • Continue to rotate the model and cut the second lateral wall, a rear wall, a bottom.


Delete unnecessary piece of solid body remaining in the middle.

Move the bottom surface of the model using GIZMO and copy it up to make another shelf.

And so on.

Thus, the basic modeling process is cutting the parts from the work piece using ASL command. We do not need to know beforehand what size the internal parts have obtained.  They are formed themselves.

Of course, sometimes you need other commands - for example, the shift of the faces of solids can be done easily through the selection of these faces (using Ctrl) and moving them to GIZMO. No matter you are designing a simple cube or complex pyramid or a cylinder Reception stand - anyways ASL do its job equally at ease.

You can select single face before calling ASL command.
Follow the messages on the console. There may be error messages.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Delamination (peeling) flat and curved faces of solid.


Auxiliary command for setting output messages about the progress of the program. In the trial mode it shows the activation window



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Additional Information

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 requires.

If you have interest in the newer version, just download it from my website (not from Autodesk App Store!) and unpack into the same directory with the replacement of all files. Autodesk® AutoCAD® course must be closed.

Known Issues

Unfortunately slicing of solid is not always possible. This problem cannot be solved in my plugin. The plugin uses as many as three different ways of cutting off. Sometimes reports unsuccessful attempts to output console.  If none of the methods work then plugin will not cut the solid and creates a 3D surface, where it would be necessary to cut the intractable solid. This surface is highlighted in red. Then you need to model this solid again, and then use the red surface for cutting.

Also, I strongly recommend that you always set the properties of solids "History" = None


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Support Contact: avc_news@mail.ru

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Support Information

Please write your questions and concerns in comments to the program on this site. I will reply as soon as possible.

I'll be glad to hear from you any suggestions and comments to further improve program.


Version History

Version Number Version Description


Compatible with AutoCAD 2020 New activation system


Compatible with AutoCAD 2019. Added options for selecting the peeling method In the cutting plane method, a plane search was added for faces of the "surface" type, and not only for "region"


Compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2019.


• Fatal Error fix (if thickness more then solid) • Italian localization (without description) • New icon


Short main command name ASL AutoCAD 2017 compatibility Trial version and Activation window Optimized localization Fixed typos


Auto off solid history

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