3DHRDWR-M – 3D Hardware Metric Size

3DHRDWR-M – 3D Hardware Metric Size

Win32 and 64, English

CAD Design Software
Creates multiple-types of 3D screw and/or fastener hardware with a variety of head types in Metric units

General Usage Instructions

Select a Threading type  as either  ‘Threaded’ or ‘Simplified’ and if Threaded, select the  Type as either of ‘Course’ or 'Fine’.

Select a Head Type (Flat, Hex, Pan Head, etc.) and then the Size list will populate with the available sizes to select. Select the desired Size and appropriate Length for the selected Head and Size (a warning box will appear if out of standard range).

You may add additional hardware to the fastener like a single Nut, and Washer. When extra hardware is added, additional dialog boxes will appear to assist with setting up the options or types. Set the desired Metal Thickness to set the offset distance from the Head to the first washer.

Pick OK and a prompt appears.

PROMPT: Center point: Pick a point on the drawing to place the 3D Bolt.

PROMPT: Move/Rotate/<Second Point of Displacement>: Pick another point to place another / duplicate. Other options in the prompt; Type "M" and ENTER to move the part, "R" and ENTER to rotate it, pick another point to copy it to or just ENTER to exit the command.

See Settings and Options in Help (F1) or details of each function. 



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Creates multiple-types of 3D screw and/or fastener hardware with a variety of head types in Metric units


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Company Name: CAD Design Software
Support Contact: appsupport@cad-design.com

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CAD Design Software

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Website: http://apps.cad-design.com

Contact:  1-877-CAD-USER

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Minor fix, no interface or functional changes to the app itself.


Initial Release
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