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Screen Capture HQ

Win32 and 64, English

Art ltd
This plugin captures parts of a drawing, or the entire drawing and saves the results to high precision image files or clipboard, by a simple process.

General Usage Instructions

This plug-in provides a simple, dialog box interface for capturing images of AutoCAD® drawings using the ‘Window’ or ‘Display’ option. It optionally allows you to control the background color of the output image as well as the foreground to color, black or grayscale. It supports any visual style applied in the current viewport. Large areas of drawings can be converted to images without loss of their quality.

Once loaded, the SCREEN CAPTURE HQ plug-in opens a dialog box with the following options:

Image type: Supported file types of the output image: PNG, JPG and BMP.

Quality: Controls the quality (and size) of the output image file. Available qualities: 0.5, 1.5, 3.0, 7.0 and 12.3 Megapixels. The corresponding image resolutions are: 850x595, 1480x1036, 2100x1470, 3150x2205 and 4200x2940 pixels.

Foreground color: Controls the output color of the drawing entities, that is anything other than the drawing background.
"Color": each entity retains its color.
"Greyscale": converts the entire image to grayscale.
"Monochrome": converts the entire image to black/white.

Background color: Controls the output color of the drawing background. Options are "White" and "Black".

Specify window / Capture display: Allows you to specify a window indicating the area of the drawing to be converted to image, or to capture the contents of the active viewport.

Create image: Clicking this button with the "Specify window" option selected, will allow specification of window. The application will prompt for folder and file name specification.

Close: Closes the application dialog box.

View images: You can display "View images" option by clicking the More Options button. 
The application includes a simple image file viewer whereby you can view created images but also rename or delete them. By using the ‘magnifier’ (+) button, you can view the images in bigger size.

Copy to Clipboard: Use this button to copy the selected image to clipboard. Later on you can paste it into another document or email.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Opens application dialog box in order to capture screen into a HQ image file.


The installer that ran when you downloaded this plug-in from Autodesk Exchange Apps has already installed the plug-in. You may need to restart Autodesk Product to activate the plug-in. To uninstall this plug-in, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (Windows 7/8/8.1) or Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP), and uninstall as you would any other application from your system.

Additional Information

SCREEN CAPTURE HQ uses the AutoCAD “plot to file” procedure in order to create the image file. Dependent on the selected quality in megapixels, the output image may be less or more accurate. More accuracy produces larger image files.

The output image resolutions in pixels are: 0.5 MP (850x595), 1.5 MP (1480x1036), 3.0 MP (2100x1470), 7.0 MP (3150x2205) and 12.3 MP (4200x2940). Depending on the specified window ratio, the application orientates the output image in portrait/landscape automatically.
This product has been tested for both Windows 32bit and 64bit systems.

Known Issues

Entities in color 7 (white).
Depending of the background color selected, entities in color 7, may appear as white or black respectively, in the output image file.

Previous plot.
After the use of  SCREEN CAPTURE HQ, the <Previous Plot> option of AutoCAD PLOT command does not selects the real previous plotter used. Instead it selects something like “EART-ScreenCaptureHQ...”, depending of selected file type. The desired plotter name can be selected manually.

Layers that have plotting turned off.
Application does not capture layers that have plotting turned off. Plotting can be turned on manually using the “plot” option of the “Layer Properties Manager”.


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Art ltd

Support Information

Email us at with feedback or requests for enhancements.

In case of problems please provide the application plugin name or command name and a detailed description of the error that occurred. We will reply to you as soon as possible and determine a solution to the issue.

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