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Arrangement of fixtures along joints of solids. RTA fittings, Fasteners, Furniture hinges, Shelf holders, Hardware

General Usage Instructions

Operating procedure

  • If you do not need command options you can select the parts to be connected before the Fixture command is called.
  • Call the Fixture command.
  • The program will not open the dialog for selecting the fixture if the last used fixture is already in the drawing. But you can set the show the dialog each time.
  • In the dialog box, select the file with the mounting blocks
  • Select the fixture in the list. If the list does not contain the required block, check the box "Show all blocks"
  • Click the "Insert block" button if you need to edit the settings, and the block is taken from another file.
  • If you need the same fixture, but with different settings, click the "Copy"
  • Edit the settings and the name of the block
  • Click OK or click on the block in the list twice
  • Select all parts to be connected, if they have not been selected before the command is called
  • Check the intersections of fixture and parts, the direction of the arrangement, remove excess fixtures, move the unsuccessfully located ones.
  • Subtract the holes with the command Drill
  • Make details drawings and contours for milling with the commands Lay and NC_Pre


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Arrangement of fixtures along joints of solids. RTA fittings, Fasteners, Furniture hinges, Shelf holders, Hardware


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Additional Information

Known Issues

The program can save you from 90% of routine operations, but still you should check and optimize the results of work. Complex cases of the program will be left for you, recognizing the superiority of the human intellect.
Perhaps, over time, the program will learn how to handle more complex cases. For this you will have to send me problem drawings and be patient.


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Added 2022 support (No change in version number).


Поддержка Автокад 2020 Новая система активации


Initial release
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