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ArchVision's Family and Detail Warehouse contains over 27,500 Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® AutoCAD® native Details ready for immediate use or editing to fit your specific needs.

General Usage Instructions

Family and Detail Warehouse is accessed using the AVAIL browser. Simply launch AVAIL to view the details (drafting views) and components. These items can then be filtered to quickly locate desired details and download them for use in your local detail library. Sample content available in the F+DW | Sample Content channel.

To download sample content, right-click the detail and select "Download".  Alternatively, select a detail, click the "More" icon at the bottom right, and select the "Download" icon.

View additional instructions for accessing Family and Detail Warehouse via AVAIL software here:



Family and Detail Warehouse is accessed by installing the AVAIL browser. Simply launch the .exe installer and follow the onscreen instructions. The product is removed under Programs and Features in the control panel by selecting AVAIL and selecting Uninstall.

Additional Information

Usage instructions for FAMILY + DETAIL WAREHOUSE are available here:

Known Issues


Company Name: ARCHVISION
Support Contact:

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Support Information or call +1 859.252.3118 ext. 103

Version History

Version Number Version Description

This application provides a preview to the 27,500+ construction details available in the Family and Detail Warehouse, plus over 1,000 components and families. FREE sample content channel included.

This applicaiton provides a preview to the 27,500+ construction details available in the DETAIL WAREHOUSE.  FREE sample content channel included.


First version of AVAIL browser for DETAIL WAREHOUSE.  Allows users  to access details and components and then use filters to drill down based upon specifications to desired content.  Then downloads files for use in user's detail library.

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