Autodesk Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Autodesk Green Stormwater Infrastructure

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Autodesk, Inc.
The Autodesk® Green Stormwater Infrastructure Extension for InfraWorks® 360 (GSI) combines rapid design and real-time analysis of stormwater management projects with Building Information Modeling.

General Usage Instructions

Engineers and planners can use GSI as part of their early-phase planning and conceptual design process for new or existing development projects. GSI provides real time feedback on stormwater performance with each design change so users can iterate quickly and improve their designs. Use GSI to compare alternative designs and share those designs with stakeholders. An example workflow is shown below:

1. Build and Prepare the 3D Model of Project: Represent the land uses as coverages.

2. Setup the Analysis: Launch GSI, Choose Method, Set Design Storm, and Change Method Assumptions. 

3. Define the Site: Define land areas, buildings, and trees – based on existing conditions for retrofits, or conceptual design for new projects. Select the feature(s), define them, and Press “Define Selected” 

4. Reduce Impervious Areas (optional): Increase natural areas where possible.

5. Plan the Required Area for Green Infrastructure (optional): Use the Planning Tool to see what combination of Best Management Practices (BMPs) can retain the remaining runoff.

6. Add BMPs: Draw and define BMPs until the Runoff Volume hits 0. 




To install, download the installer from this page. Once the installation is complete, follow the steps listed on Page 8 of the GSI User Guide to launch GSI within InfraWorks 360. You can find the GSI User Guide in C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\GreenStormwaterInfrastructure.bundle. (If you do not see the ProgramData folder under C:\, it may be hidden. Follow these instructions to show hidden files, and try again.)

To uninstall, go to your Control Panel, click "Uninstall a program," select "Autodesk Green Stormwater Infrastructure Extension for InfraWorks 360" from the list of programs, and click "Uninstall."

Additional Information

Visit for more information about GSI as well as other Sustainability Solutions for buildings, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

Known Issues

When you resize features, it may take a few seconds for the model and analysis results to update, especially if your model is big. Make sure to wait for InfraWorks 360 and GSI to refresh before you resize or define another feature. 


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Version History

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GSI, Version 1.0.0 offers:

Context-sensitive 3D design capabilities with Autodesk InfraWorks 360

Real-time, interactive analysis

Site and district-scale planning tools

Six customizable hydrologic methods, including Direct Determination, TR-55, and Rational

LEED® benchmark module

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