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BLi (Block Line Insertion): This tool will insert blocks in interval distances on the selected items.

General Usage Instructions

BLi is a tool created to help users create new kinds of linetypes. 

It allows much more than a simple LIN file. 

Once installed, select the command in the Ribbon panel or run the below commands in the command line.

  • BLI


Function can also be used allowing to set the current BliStyle with the BLISETSTYLE (read the Help file)


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


BLISTYLE allows you to create and manage different setting of block insertion. It is the main panel to use for creating new kind of linetypes


BLIDECAL allow the user to move blocks by resing the - or + key.


BLI will allows you to select CAD entity to change. This command will change selected entity with the current setting of BLiStyle.



Once installed, the bundle folder is created in the below location.

  • %AppData%\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\DuctiSoft_BLi.bundle

This mean that the application will be directly ready to use.


Via Control Panel > Programs and Features

Or, by using its own uninstaller from the below path.



BLi use ObjectDCL, and it is included in the installation package, however, it will not be included in the Uninstallation process beacause maybe some other tools who need it are already installed.

If you want to uninstall completely, you must consider also to uninstall ObjectDCL via windows control Panel. (add&remove features).

Additional Information

This tool uses OnjectDCL extension. Please be sure to always have the latest version of ObjectDCL extension:

Visit the BLi website for more information: 

This version: New block added, Help command and button, Refresh version with new UI, Bug fix with Bundle folder location, Installation offering 64bits install and Work with a closed entity.

Known Issues


Company Name: DuctiSoft inc.
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

DuctiSoft inc.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Add feature allow the user to use block with attribute. New option allowing the user to offset block insertion New rotating option allow the user to insert block without following the selected entity. Dialog box improved. New command: BLIDECAL New function BLISETSTYLE New menu (icon added) Programming concept changed to allow more flexibility for future release.


Initial release
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