Drill Table

Drill Table

Win32 and 64, English

List of cylindrical holes in solids. Drilling coordinates and direction. Output to a table or Excel.

General Usage Instructions

It is required to pre-configure the list of hole diameters and the list of columns.

Draw a 3D Solid model of your product. Add an additive for fasteners and fittings (you can use the Fixture and Drill commands).

Lay out all parts in the XY plane using the LAY command. If you do not like the location or the spread of the part after laying out, you can rotate them as you like. But it is important to keep the position of the parts lying on the XY plane.

Please note that the coordinates of the holes are set from the lower left corner of the overall box of the part. Even if the part is cut or rounded in this corner, the X coordinate will still be calculated from the leftmost point of the part, and the Y coordinate from the lowest point.

Do not call the NC Prepare command immediately. It will flatten the parts and the Drill Table command will not work. Fill in the table first, and then draw out the outlines and annotations.

Select the part and call the DrillTable command. You can select several parts at once - in any case, a single table will be created. You can select a viewport or multiple viewports, in which the laid out details are visible. You can add an empty table to the selection that you want to fill - then the program will not ask you to select a table.

If nothing has been selected in advance, the program will prompt you to select a part. There are two options in the request:

  • SwitchStyle: Quickly switch between presets by number.

  • TUNE: Opens the table settings dialog. But in this dialog there are no settings for the CNC style, hole diameters.


Next, the program will extract hole data from all selected parts and create a table. If you select several identical parts, you will get several identical lines for each hole - the program does not combine identical parts.

You can split a table into multiple sheets with the TableSplit command.




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