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CADflow Free

Win64, English

CADflow Free is a totally free architectural CAD system ready to go! It includes annotation tools, blocks library, layering system, title sheets, and CTB files - all accessible via the ribbon plugin.

General Usage Instructions

Once CADflow Free is installed the ribbon will automatically load into the Autodesk® AutoCAD® interface. Should you prefer to see to pull down menu version set MENUBAR to 1.

Installation & Activation:  Hit the Download button, close all running versions of AutoCAD, and double-click the MSI file to install.

Open AutoCAD, select a tool on the CADflow ribbon to open the MonkeyFlow License dialogue. and click Get Activation Email.

On the web page that opens, click Download and Get Activation for AutoCAD and add your details when prompted. An automated email will be sent containing a download link and activation code. Enter the activation code into MonkeyFlow License to register and run the product.

CADflow Free provides a series of tools to do the following:

  • Manage and create architectural layers.
  • Automatically insert text and dimensions to the correct sizes/styles/layers.
  • Manage lines.
  • Insert title sheets.
  • Access content warehouse files.

Hover the mouse over each ribbon button to access the description.

CADflow Free consists of the following ribbon panels:

  • Layers & Properties – Instantly access and control layers.
  • Layers – All – Tools to Freeze/Off, Thaw/On, Lock and Unlock in one click.
  • Text Insertion – Choose the size of text at the plotted scale, 2mm, 3.5mm, or 5mm, then use the drop-down to select the required scale. The style, text size, and layer are set automatically, and the desired text can then be added to the MTEXT window.
  • Dimensions & Leaders – Use the Load Dimension and Leader Style tools to load the relevant style into the drawing and set the correct layer. Once loaded the dimension and leader tools can be used.
  • Lines – Use the LTSCALE drop-down to set the dashed lines of the current drawing to suit the output scale of the drawing. LOAD LINES instantly inserts the various dashed line types into the drawing.
  • CADflow Layers – Click the various drop-down buttons and select the required architectural layer to insert into the drawing. The layer, line type, and description will be added. Should the layer already exist, the selected layer will be made current. Use the Layer Standards and Pen Weights buttons to access help information.
  • Sheets – Instantly insert an A1 landscape or portrait sheet onto a new layout tab in the current drawing. (Sheets need to be set up to suit client requirements prior to use, full instructions are provided).
  • Warehouses – Use the Information Hub button to access a library of industry-standard documentation, simply hold the CTRL key and click on each hyperlink icon to open. The General Warehouse contains a large library of parametric annotation and building element content, simply copy/paste it into the desired drawing.
  • CADflow Free – Provides access to the MonkeyFlow contact page, CADflow Free Help pages, and the website.


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description

All Freeze / Off

Freeze / Off all layers, except current layer

All Lock

Locks all layers in drawing

All Thaw/ On

Thaw / On all layers

All Unlock

Unlocks all layers in drawing

2.0mm text - for various scales

Adds high text to drawing for selected scale

3.5mm text - for various scales

Adds 3.5mm high text to drawing for selected scale

5.0mm text - for various scales

Adds 5.0mm high text to drawing for selected scale

Load dimension styles

Load dimension style into drawing for designated scale

Dimension - Linear

Uses default AutoCAD dimensions commands to save the user traversing ribbon tabs after loading dimension style

Load leader style - for various

Load leader style into drawing for designated scale


Uses default AutoCAD Multileader command to save the user traversing ribbon tabs after loading leader style

LTScale - for various scales

Set LTScale in drawing for designated scale

Load Lines

Inserts the all 3 types of selected line types

Annotation (ANO) Layers

Inserts all Annotation related layers

Casework (CAS) Layers

Inserts all Casework related layers

Ceilings (CLG) Layers

Inserts all Ceilings related layers

Curtain Panels (CTP) Layers

Inserts all Curtain Panels related layers

Doors (DOR) Layers

Inserts all Doors related layers

Entourage (ENT) Layers

Inserts all Entourage related layers

Floors (FLR) Layers

Inserts all Floors related layers

Graphics (GRA) Layers

Inserts all Graphics related layers

Parking (PRK) Layers

Inserts all Parking related layers

Plumbing (PLM) Layers

Inserts all Plumbing related layers

Roofs (ROF) Layers

Inserts all Roofs related layers

Services (SER) Layers

Inserts all Services related layers

Site (SIT) Layers

Inserts all Site related layers

Structural (STC) Layers

Inserts all Structural related layers

Stairs (STR) Layers

Inserts all Stairs related layers

Windows (WIN) Layers

Inserts all Windows related layers

Walls (WAL) Layers

Inserts all Walls related layers

Layer Standards

Click to go open MonkeyFlow Layer Standards help page

Pen Weights

Click to go open MonkeyFlow Pen Weights help page

Sheet A1 Landscape

Inserts A1 Landscape sheet to a new Layout tab of the current drawing

Sheet A1 Portrait

Inserts A1 Portrait sheet to a new Layout tab of the current drawing

Upgrade to CADflow

Click to go to CADflow page to upgrade

MonkeyFlow Contact

Click to message the Troop at MonkeyFlow

MonkeyFlow Help

Click to go to CADflow Free Help

MonkeyFlow Website

Click to go to

Clear Local Cache

Clear cache for stored locally warehouse files

Reset License

Delete the current CADflow Free license and reapply


Run the provided Free installer file to install.

CADflow Free is installed into the local folder C:\Program Files\MonkeyFlow\CADflow_Free.

Full installation instructions can be accessed on the following link:

CADflow Free Installation

To uninstal, open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, locate CADflow Free in the list, right click on it and select Uninstall.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: MonkeyFlow
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information


Support Information

For product support or suggestions please email the MonkeyFlow troop at or via the following link:

MonkeyFlow Contact

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Updated to AutoCAD 2025 compatibility. Title block insertion glitch is fixed. Activation process is removed.


Pre-release version - updated Sheets tools.
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