Quick DTM Tools

Quick DTM Tools

Win32 and 64, English

CAD Solutions
Quick DTM tools for creating TIN, fitting breaklines, creating and managing 3D surfaces, generating and labeling contours, basic watershed analysis, and creating quick sections. 30-day trial period.

General Usage Instructions

INSPTS for point insertion based on external data file.

Use BUILDTIN initially for creating TIN model on already imported survey data (POINTS, BLOCKS, or 3DPOLYLINES), and manage all your land development tasks with SRFMAN for creating and manipulating with surfaces created from triangles (3D FACES), and by implementing volume calculations, sections, contours, through a set of commands provided within this package.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Create contours over a selected group of 3D faces (triangles), with predefined parameters.


Create quick cross section simply by selecting sample line on the drawing!


Surface manager - create and/or edit/manage various surfaces created from 3D faces (triangles).


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Additional Information

In most cases you can skip surface selection in command, by dismissing file selection dialog, and then selecting 3D faces (triangles) on the screen.

Known Issues

For command FITTIN to work properly, you need to see complete TIN model on screen. 

For QSEC and SUPERSEC commands to work properly, you need to see a complete LINE or POLYLINE on screen in moment of selection.


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CAD Solutions

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Technical support & purchasing information: 

E-mail: civengcadsol@gmail.com

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