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Engineered Design Solutions
CAD Time Tracking and Analytics - Record and report the true edit and elapsed time spent in drawings and other engineering documents.

General Usage Instructions

CadTempo operates as a background application automatically monitoring the user activity without user intervention.

Optionally, a task timer will prompt the user to enter a task name and additional information as configured by the management.




CadTempo is installed by a setup program that prompts the user for program location.

The setup program should be run as a regular user and will prompt for elevation if needed.

The installer is designed to handle a single user as well as a multi-user network installation.

During evaluation or upon trial completion if a purchase is made there is no need to reinstall.

An uninstaller is included. 

Additional Information

CadTempo is a fully functioning 30 day trial.

Inventor users will want to add an iLogic rule that will display the full file path in the title bar. You can see an example how to do this at the following link:

Known Issues

Autodesk® AutoCAD® .dwg thumbnail previews for 2013-2017 display sporadically dependent upon Windows Explorer thumbnail cache. May require a thumbnail refresh within Windows Explorer.


Company Name: Engineered Design Solutions
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

Engineered Design Solutions

Support Information

We maintain a LinkedIn, Twitter and a G+ account. In addition a support bulletin board is active and we can be contacted via email.

Version History

Version Number Version Description

Corrected handling of time assignment when saving from an unnamed document. Corrected assigning new time when saving a named document to a new file. Re-timed adding closed files to the recent list so they appear sooner in the CadTempo viewer. Reduced time to closing out a session. Fixed closing out a session when Windows Explorer is a monitored Application. Added Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2019 version to file display list. Fixed a file create error.

Restructured data storage. Added support for Dropbox and other synchronization tools. Added support for Mac Parallels..

Added AutoCAD version 2018 to file listing. Repaired erratic History logging. Improved logging of newly created files.

Changed finalizing to saving all data when switching user. Improved overall file detection - especially for .pdf, .xls, and .doc file formats. Improved handling of time assignment when saving monitored files to new names.

Fixed total amount in Active History report graph when file and folder totals included. Fixed Task and Activity Reports for date formatting. Fixed Setup to correct file location settings. Improved Windows 10 support.

Fixed duplicated time value assignment. Added additional error handling. Improved purging old data. Improved start up performance. Improved end of session finalization. Improved program responsiveness.

Added column totals to Active Reports Fixed rounding in spreadsheets. Improve retention of recent files. Added display of recent file count when "Most Recent" selected in Explorer View. Removed non-accessed network folders in viewer when "Most Recent" selected in Explorer View.

Fixed periodic CadTempo.exe "Exception EOleSysError" error

Fixed "Index out of bounds" error

Improved file detection and recording

Fixed finalizing log saves and reinitialization on day change (midnight) with open documents

Eliminated duplicate UNC/Mapped file names in Active History reports

Fixed spreadsheet grid styles

Included file totals and folder totals in Active Reports

Corrected Active History spreadsheet naming when assigned

Added user colors to spreadsheet output

Corrected task prompting on session start

  • Added option to include charts to the Active History spreadsheet
  • Added CSV file type to spreadsheet Save As
  • Added filename only option for finding current document
  • Improved RTF file formatting in spreadsheet Save As
  • Fixed misaligned SUM formula in Task and Activity spreadsheet reports
  • Fixed the MorphOrb website link and Data Upload

  • Added thumbnail previews for text files (.txt,.log,.lsp)
  • Added script window resizing
  • Reduced application start up/close sluggishness
  • Fixed form resizing on restore from minimized
  • Fixed main thumbnail to display correct file on changing folder
  • Fixed Folder Contents report creation for mapped drive letters
  • Fixed formula for Folder Contents reports
  • Fixed divide by zero errors in saved spreadsheet formulas (bad cell reference)

Added limited support for AutoCAD® 2013-2015 thumbnail preview.

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