Overall Dimensions

Overall Dimensions

Win32 and 64, English

Get overall dimensions on all solids and contours with one click.

General Usage Instructions

Before using the command, set the Dimension style (DimStyle) to set the size of texts, arrows, etc. By default, the program uses the current style.

There are 2 options for using the command - in model space and on a layout. If you want to dimension in the model, start by setting the correct user coordinate system (UCS). Most often the world coordinate system (UCS W) or a user-defined coordinate system on face of the solid (UCS F) is used. Dimensions will be placed in the XY plane of the current coordinate system.

Then select all the necessary contours or solids and call the DimOverall command.

If you work with sheets (layout), then you can simply open the necessary sheet and immediately call the command. If nothing is selected, the program will find the viewport itself and select all objects that are visible in it. But you can go into the model through the viewport and select several objects and the program will work only with them. If there are many viewports on the layout, the program will ask you to select one of them.

Objects will be measured in the coordinate system of the current view (regardless of UCS). Dimensions will be saved in the paper space.

The program builds outer contours for all selected objects (see the description of the Outsize Loop command). This can take a long time. As the number of objects increases, the processing time increases exponentially. Therefore, try to choose contours in small groups, but not all at once.

You can abort the operation of the command by pressing Esc.

In the Common Options of A>V>C> plugins you can disable layer management and select a template file for layers. In the CNC settings, you can assign layers whose objects are ignored. And in the same place the style of the sizes is adjusted. All these settings will be available if you use the DimOverall command from the AVC Pro.

The program does not work with the Model Documentation views (which is built by the ViewBase command).

Watch the console (command line) - there are error messages.



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Get two overall dimensions on all solids and contours by one click


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Company Name: A>V>C>
Support Contact: avc.programming@gmail.com

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Version History

Version Number Version Description


The first version of the new licensing system. Communication with the A>V>C> database server. New A>V>C Options Palette instead of the settings dialog.


Added 2022 support (No change in version number).


- Compatible with AutoCAD 2021 - Cumulative updates


Compatible with AutoCAD 2020 New activation system


Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2019 compatibility Fix AutoCAD 2012 eInvalidInput error Fix Windows x32 "acedTrans in DLL accore.dll" error


First version.
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