Material Table

Material Table

Win64, English

Extraction of data on materials of 3D-solids, materials of their surfaces. Lists of materials, coatings, paints, bandings. Calculation of material consumption (taking into account scraps) total weight

General Usage Instructions

The procedure is the same as with the Data Table.
Remember to set the drawing units correctly (INSUNITS system variable). In millimeter drawings (in units = 4), the number of materials is displayed in the table in meters.
But when configuring in columns and groups of a table, you should consider the features:
  • Material property substitutions should be written without the mat prefix. For example %art%,%price%
  • You can also extract some data from the properties of the parts themselves, their assembly blocks, and the drawing properties. For example, to count the number of materials separately for each assembly, write %block% in the grouping.
  • When using part property substitutions, material records can be multiplied - you get separate records for each part (more precisely, for a group of parts with the same properties)
  • If the names of the material and part substitutions match, the program will prefer to output the material properties. For example, %length% will be the length of the sheet of material, not the length of the part. There is no way to display the dimensions of the parts, use the Sawing Table for this.
  • You can use specialized Table of Materials lookups:
    • quantity - The amount of material by area, length, or volume. Taking into account the required scraps (see "Cost Calculation" in Common Settings). The unit of quantity depends on the purpose of the material ("Use" fields).
    • pieces - The number of pieces of material. If the dimensions of the material are specified, the program will calculate how many sheets, ribs, and rolls of edge banding are needed. Calculated as quantity/piece. That is, for example, the amount of square material will be divided by the area of a sheet of material and you will receive the required number of sheets.
    • weight - The weight of all parts from this material, excluding scraps. The density of the material must be specified. Not calculated for coatings and edge bandings.
    • cost - The cost of this amount of material. The unit price of the material must be specified.



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Extraction of data on materials of 3D-solids, materials of their surfaces. Lists of materials, coatings, paints, bandings. Calculation of material consumption (taking into account scraps), total weight and price. Writing tables in a drawing, Excel, CSV, XML.


Insert text table from the Windows clipboard into the DWG-table.


Splitting of long dwg-tables into layouts.


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You can ask any questions about the work of A>V>C> programs, their installation and configuration, optimization of the work of engineers, and setting up business processes in the exhibition business. Help is provided to all users, regardless of whether they made a donation or not. Any suggestions and comments are welcome for further improvement of the programs.

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Version History

Version Number Version Description


AutoCAD 2025 compatibility.


All updates on November 2023


Fixed some bugs Installer: Shows the current user, whether he has administrator rights. Installer: Shows a list of already installed programs (for updating). Installer fixed: In some cases, only Pro was installed, but not other plugins. Numbering: Formatting the settings dialog. AvcOptions: Licences tab: Blocked deletion of trial activations. Installer: Displays a message box after installation is complete.


Added 2022 support (No change in version number).
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