CADprofi Electrical

CADprofi Electrical

Win32 and 64, English

Program helps in designing of all electrical installations in both construction and industry. Application has a convenient schematic editor, a possibility to design on architectural plans.

General Usage Instructions

Because CADprofi application works on many CAD programs it is necessary to make the configuration process.

In order to do this run the CADprofi configuration file, which shortcut has been placed on the desktop after the installation process.

General instruction is available in our online help:
Users also have access to video tutorials:



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description

CADprofi Electrical

Full description of all CADprofi commands can be found here:!electrical.htm


Installation guide:!online_ver.htm
Program configuration:!sys_customize.htm
Additional info regarding uninstallation:

The trial version installs directly from an exe file. DVD version is meant for customers. 

Additional Information

Known Issues

CP-Manufacturers option is greyed in the configuration file as it is our different program brand but both these applications pack share a similar design. 

When customers installs CP-Manufacturers software they will have this option available but not the CP-Symbols/CADprofi.


Company Name: CADprofi

Author/Company Information


Support Information

Before contacting our consultant please check:
- the FAQ section that contains answers for the most commonly asked questions,
- CADprofi manual that is available in the online help,
program requirements (list of CAD programs that are compatible with CADprofi),
video tutorials, in which the most important CADprofi commands are described,
comparisons between CADprofi and CP-Symbols programs,
content of CADprofi program.
license comparison

Version History

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