Cypa21 (en)

Cypa21 (en)

Win32 and 64, English

Convenient plug-in for encryption lsp files.

General Usage Instructions

The order of actions performed:

• Click Cypa21 on the panel/tape tools.
• In the dialog box, select encrypted lsp-program file.
• Specify the name of the output lsp file with the encryption (this file will be located in the same folder as the original file).
• In the dialog box, select the .txt file with the list of functions (more precisely, the initial parts of rows) that you want to remove from your code (for the record quotes inside the function/line, use the structure \"). For example, a .txt files "Delete.txt" (the file name can be anything) with the following text:

"print "
"(princ "
"(setq metka (getint "

In this case, the program code will be removed at the line that begins with the specified file "Delete.txt".

If there is no need to remove from the program certain functions/strings, create any empty text file.

ATTENTION: Encrypted lsp file should begin with the parent function: (defun name_of_the_parent_function () ...)", otherwise before you enable all the file contents to the parent function (with any name of the input file to the main function without a name: or unnamed): "(defun () ...Content...) encryption " and after the encryption of the file, remove the excess.

For example, encrypt the program consists of one line: "(load "C:\\my_prog.lsp")". Concluded the line

(defun ()
(load "C:\\my_prog.lsp")

Encrypt the file, then from the resulting file remove "(defun ()" at the beginning of the file and ")" at the end of the file.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


The program starts Cypa21


Installer that started when you have downloaded this plugin from Autodesk App Store already installed the plugin. You may have to restart Autodesk product to activate the plugin. To remove this plugin, click control Panel> Programs> Programs and features (Windows 7/8/8,1) or control Panel> add or remove programs (Windows XP), and delete, as well as any other application from your system.

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Company Name: Generati@n_21
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Added 2017 support.
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