DWG Version Finder

DWG Version Finder

Win32, English

Application for finding the version of saved Autodesk® AutoCAD® (.dwg) files.

General Usage Instructions

Launch application from Desktop Shortcut. Browse for parent folder or copy the path of folder in text box. Optionally provide option for cross verifying the version by checking the check box and version from drop down list. Press "Find Version" button. That's it. The application will find .dwg files and their version in the given folder and its sub folders. Once done, the application will populate the data.

The help file is available in the product. Use Help File for further information.




The application can be installed at any location w.r.t user privilege. By default, the application will be installed for a single user and can be installed at a location where access rights are available. Installing for "Everyone" and at default location requires Admin rights.

By default the path for installation will be "C:\Program Files(x86)\CAD_E SERVICES\DWG Version Finder\".

For installing, run installer and follow the directions. A Shortcut icon will be added to your desktop once the installation is complete. The application requires approx. 1MB of disc space.

For un-installing, run installer and select "remove program" from the option. Installer will remove program.

Application requires .NET framework 4.6 to be installed on User PC.

Additional Information

User should have "Read" access on the folder and/or files which are being accessed otherwise the application will show an error message.

Known Issues

Files for which version is being found should not be opened in AutoCAD otherwise application will show an error message and stop processing further.


Company Name: CAD&E SERVICES
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Support Contact: cadneservices@gmail.com

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