TcpMDT Professional

TcpMDT Professional

Win32 and 64, English

All-in-one solution for Surveying and Civil Engineering projects

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The application does not require a strict workflow and there may be several ways to use it depending on the type of project. Here there are some examples:

Create a DTM

-Import the points file from GNSS receiver or total station with command Points > Import

-Draw additional breaklines with Break Lines menu commands

-Create the surface with command Surfaces > Create Surface

-Generate the contour lines with command Contours/Cartography > Contours

-Analyze the terrain with commands in menu Map/Render


Draw profiles from surface or cartography

-Draw a polyline along the aligment

-Convert polyline to alignment with command Alignments > Convert polyline to alignment

-Compute and draw profiles with command Profiles > Get profile

-Compute and draw cross-sections with command Cross-Sections > Get cross-sections


Compute volumes from surfaces difference

-Create surfaces for existing and final ground

-Run command Quantity take-off > Volumes > Surfaces difference


Design a road

-Design an horizontal alignment with Alignments or Elements menus commands

-Compute and draw profiles with command Profiles > Get profile

-Design a vertical alignment over the profile with command Grade lines > Define grade line

-Compute cross-sections with command Cross-Sections > Get cross-sections

-Design road sections with command Templates > Define/Edit

-Put together horizontal and vertical alignment, profile, cross-sections and templates with command Road/Segments > Define/Edit

-Obtain the final design of the road with command Surfaces > Get modified terrain.

-Generate area and volume reports with commands in menu Quantity take-off.

-Generate stakeout reports with commands in menu Setting out.


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Imports a point coordinates file.


Creates a new surface from points, contour lines or 3D entities. It can consider or not break lines.


Generates contour lines from the current surface.


Converts a polyline to an horizontal alignment.


Gets and draws a profile from current surface or 3D entities.


Gets and draws cross-sections from the current surface or 3D entities


Calculates cut and fill volumes by difference of surfaces.


The installation procedure is as follows:

1.Select installation language

2.Accept license agreement

3.Select features to install

4.Choose installation folder

5.Select language for software

6.Select additional components

  Documentation will be installed as shortcuts in Aplitop program folder

  Samples will be installed on C:\MDT85_Projects folder

7.Select program group folder


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