Removing Holes

Removing Holes

Win32 and 64, English

Find and remove all cylindrical holes in all solid parts, even inside assembly blocks.

General Usage Instructions

You can select parts and assembly blocks in advance, before calling the command. If nothing is selected when calling the RemHoles command, the command will ask you to select the parts from which you want to remove holes. At this point, you will see the command setup options on the command line. All unsuitable objects in the selection will be simply discarded.

Immediately after choosing the parts, the command will start working. The command only works with 3d solids. Depending on the settings, the command can also search for parts in blocks.

The command works quite slowly, especially in Autodesk® AutoCAD®, where programs have to bypass and fix their glitches. In the course of work, a progress bar is shown. You can interrupt work by pressing ESC.

After work, the command will print to the command line the number of holes removed and the number of solids that could not be processed.



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Find and remove all cylindrical holes in all solid parts, even inside assembly blocks.


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All updates for November 2023.


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