Commutation Panels and Racks

Commutation Panels and Racks

Win64, English

AADB Software
Draw 19" or 10" rack furniture, create drawings with patch panels, and place the panels into the rack furniture in a few clicks!

General Usage Instructions

After installing you need to run the following commands in command line "CreatePanel", "DrawRack" and "FillRack" in your model space to start working with plugins.

This free version of 'Commutation Panels and Racks' includes 3 commands:

1) CreatePanels - for creating termination and patch panels on a drawing. User can choose unique name, choose connectors and its quantity.

2) DrawRack - for creating racks on a drawing. User can choose name, quantity of units and depth of a rack. Also user can choose desired views: Front View, Rear View or Side View.

3) FillRack - for filling racks in a front view, rear view and side view by selecting the created panels. 

Usually maximum quantity of connectors in termination and patch panels is 48.

Usually maximum height of rack furniture is 47 units and depth is 1000 mm.

But you can use any quantity you want.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


For filling racks with panels


For creating racks in a drawing


For creating 19" and 10" termination and patch panels in a drawing


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Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: AADB Software
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Author/Company Information

AADB Software

Support Information

You can write to or via our contact forum on

Version History

Version Number Version Description


1) Fixed bug with empty Location attribute 2) Common improvements


1) Create Panel - new interface, combining CreatePatch and CreateTerm commands. Now, user can create termination and patch panels using one interface. 2) Rotate Panel - new command, allows user to flip the connectors of panels in the drawing. When user applies this command to the selected connectors, it changes their direction in the drawing.


1) Fillrack plugin: common improvements.


1) CreateTerm plugin:- fixed bug with error in placing the panel into the blank file. 2) Fillrack plugin:- fixed bug with empty LOCATION attribute in Front-Side configuration.
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