With AS_Hydraulics you can design simple hydraulic schemes and calculate pressures, water flows and heat flows in them. Modeling hydraulic schemes with temperature calculations with AS_Hydraulics will allow you to: calculate flows, pressure losses and velocities of water flow in pipes, valves, different regulators, heat exchangers, radiators and other hydraulic equipment; calculate temperatures, heat losses, and temperature distribution in water heating supply systems; and test and learn regulations' effect at the heated room's temperature to optimize heating regimens. Also, this app is suitable for commissioning and exploiting personnel to learn methods of setting up and improving heating supply systems.

Trial Description

In the trial version, you can run the scheme calculations 3 times in one session to a drawing. To continue using the app after 3 scheme calculations you must reopen the drawing.

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About This Version

Version 3.6, 8/4/2020
For inscriptions "Sum" function added; Auto search calculation boundaries algorithm slightly changed; UGO path changed to UGO\Blocks; Fixed keeping bind to original scheme error in copy schemes function

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