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Based on the Drawing Compare feature in AutoCAD Architecture, this plug-in compares two versions of a drawing. Comparison differences are temporarily displayed on the Original drawing verison in the drawing area (new objects in green, modified objects in yellow, moved objects in white, deleted objects in red).

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Version 1.2, 4/12/2016

Updated for 2015 Products

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  • I get more colors than the manual says
    Marcos Caldas Torres | December 14, 2017

    Hi, I have tested your application with few objects and it works well. But when I compare more complex plants, I obtain objects in their gray, white, green, red and yellow colors but also blue and magenta objects. I have applied the SETBYLAYER command, but with the same result.

  • Works well for simple drawings
    Lou Branchaud | December 13, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Compared to something like "Beyond Compare" or "Brava!", this is a nice option. I like that it can recognize the difference between something that was modified and something that was re-drawn. Especially nice that it can tell that something was resized. Most compare programs don't do that. It would be nice if you could customize the colours of the changes. I produce a PDF of the results and having Yellow elements on a white sheet isn't ideal for obvious reasons.

  • Great App
    Bappi Barua | September 19, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Just installed it and it works awesome. Some of the result not perfect but overall very happy.

  • Compare to save time
    Sławomir Sosfa | June 20, 2016 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Very useful tool. I'm using it to view exact changes in new and old version of drawing. It is highly precise. Kudos!

  • 2016 ver
    Gilivavazon E | November 19, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    is there 2016 ver? app icon dont appear in add in tab. is it bcuz app not support 2016 ver?

    Jon Page | November 20, 2015

  • Works fine with 2015
    Bastian Neumann | September 02, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Really useful. Already loved that feature in AutoCAD Architecture

  • no go for 2015 acad
    JOHN DEVORE | July 29, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    nothing but white screen when i tried to boot up my 2015 acad.

    Edward Wranosky | November 24, 2014

    Is this John DeVore formerly of MEP Engineering?

    JOHN DEVORE | December 09, 2014

    no,,must be same name but different person

  • AutoCAD freezes on install
    Mark Shoesmith | June 20, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Once I install it, I start AutoCAD 2014 and 2013 and a white screen appears after the Startup box and AutoCAD freezes. I created a new AutoCAD startup shortcut with a profile that does not exist so that AutoCAD starts to create this profile from scratch but comes up with the message "AcDWGcompare.dll" not found and freezes again. Have to uninstall it to get AutoCAD to work again.

  • Ne marche sur aucune version d'AutoCad
    MICHEL PAULEN | June 20, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    aucune des versions depuis la 2012 ne réussi à charger le plug-in!

  • problems running 2015
    Kevin Brennan | June 16, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    i had this app on 2014 but when i re-downloded it for 2015 it froze the bootup of 2015 as well as 2014. All i got was a white screen partial load of the program. I did a system restore anf it fixed the load problem on both 2015 and 2014 so it had to be something in the loading of the app. Any ides for me as I like the results the app gave

  • Asking for DWG Comparison
    국 중식 | June 10, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Hello, I'm using AutoCad 2014 LT. Could you tell me that it's possible to use the function of DWG Compare for the version LT? I will wait for your response Thank you in advance

    Jon Page | June 10, 2014

    Unfortunately, AutoCAD LT does not support apps. So it is not possible.

  • Save New Items
    Adam Meaux | June 02, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Is there a way to save the newly added items in a dwg by themselves?

    Karen Mason | June 02, 2014

    Hi Adam, No. You might want to try reversing the Original & Compare versions. That way you can copyclip the Deleted Objects from Original drawing shown in red and paste them into the Compare drawing. COPYBASE is even better because then you paste with the same base/insertion point (I use 0,0). From the Help file- Additional Information section: "During a comparison, the Original Version drawing is opened and is overlaid by representations of geometry and differences from the Compare Version drawing. Any changes you make, while DWG Compare is active, are made to the Original Version of the drawing. You can save changes you make, but you cannot merge the drawing versions. DWG Compare is not an integration tool. If necessary, you must manually integrate the differences between the original and compare versions of the drawing." Hope that helps.

  • Layout space not compared
    Pavel Gorg | May 26, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Seems like it doesn't work with objects in layout space, only in model.

    Karen Mason | May 26, 2014

    Hi Paved, Yes- it only works in Model space. This is listed in the Help document under Additional Information: "Only Model Space objects are compared. If necessary, the plug-in will switch to the Model tab when the comparison starts."

  • How to use this
    Udayan Sivaraman | January 24, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Hi Guys, I have installed this but don't know how to use it. It would be appreciated if anyone helps me..

    thenndral thenndral | April 07, 2014

    Hi, I hope you know how to use this apps. If not, Open AutoCAD 2013 and click the menu plug-in. you can found DWGCompare menu. Click the menu and use it.

  • Verry nice tool
    Eddy Lucas | April 03, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    New version (for Civil3d 2014) Missing "AcDwgCompareRes.dll". Searched for it on pc and had to copy the file to: "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014\en-US" Now it works.

    Gil Fleming | December 21, 2017

    This worked for me as well. I was about to desperately uninstall and re-install AutoCAD...

  • Gute Arbeit
    Hartmut Eger | March 08, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    besteht die Möglichkeit dies auc hin den verfügbaren Sprachen zu übersetzten oder können wir dabei behilflich sein. Funktioniert auch unter AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013

  • Xrefs not compared
    Allan Mcdonald | February 26, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    It is exactly what we need. However, it does not seem to compare changes in external references. Once it compares Xrefs it will get 5 stars

  • Good one
    Prabhu C | June 11, 2012 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Really a good one to save the time.......

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