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Fast File Diff Trial




Is your time worth anything?   Fast File Diff quickly creates a merged file with 3 colors:   Magenta for differences in File 1 only, Cyan for differences in File 2 only, and Gray for the same in both.   The differences between the two files are easily recognizable and the program is easy to load!  

Using Fast File Diff is easy!   After choosing the Fast File Diff command, select two files to compare, select your options and click "OK".   You are now able to check the differences !  Save time, save money and reduce errors when you use Fast File Diff.

Why is this program better?

·          Advanced Options

o    You can choose to ignore layer changes

o    You can choose to ignore small objects

o    You can choose to explode blocks or compare blocks

o    Too many to list all…

·          Works with 2012 & 2013 versions of AutoCAD

·          Differences are easily recognizable with colors

·          Creates few false alarms

·          Program launches easily and quickly

·          Easy to follow User Instructions


Future: Quantity discounts available at .    (Use B-G- in subject line to avoid message being lost with spam.)

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About This Version

Version 2013.8.0, 4/12/2016

First released version, enhanced for paperspace differences.

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